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Turn up the excitement and plan the holiday party that guests will be raving about for years. The event planners at Dine With 9 Catering & Events can help. Call us at 818.769.1883. View our HOLIDAY CATERING MENUS and try out one of our 25 holiday party ideas below.

1. Dinner Cruise: Leave your worries ashore and set sail around the Pacific for an evening catered by Dine With 9 Catering, while you enjoy live entertainment and a sky filled with stars. The calming sound of the waves will remind you to let go and embrace every moment of life during the holidays.

2. 60s Themed Holiday Party (Mad Men Style): Who doesn't love a dirty martini and a well-tailored suit. Have your guests dress the part. No need for a costume. Top designers like Kate Spade and Ted Baker already have collections suited to the theme on sale in your local department stores. 1960s style appetizers like deviled eggs and bacon-wrapped dates will really set the tone. Our great bartenders will whip up a variety of signature martinis that will help your guests be a little more loquacious.

3. Sunday Holiday Jazz Brunch: Host a holiday party at your home and hire students from your local high school's marching band to play jazz for about 2 hours. Who said you can't afford a live band? Save money with a buffet brunch menu and 2 signature cocktails like peach bellini and mimosa.

4. Christmas Magic: If you're not a member of the Magic Castle, where the world's top magicians perform their best acts, why not hire a few magicians to entertain you during or after a lovely catered meal.

5. Holiday Party Bus: Hire a private chef from Dine With 9 for your group of 10 or so friends. Have the chef make desserts to-go and load the crowd onto a party bus to tour the city lights in your neighborhood. It's okay to drink and ride, especially when you're being chauffeur in a party bus.

6. Epicurean Cultural Exchange: The great thing about living in the big city is the diverse cultures you encounter everyday. Assuming you have a diverse group of friends, host a party and ask them all to bring a dish that represents their culture along with a holiday tradition they can share with the group. Gather the menu items ahead of time so you can make labels to set next to each dish.

7. Winter Paradise w/Live Ice Sculpting: Make the party shine like diamonds with crystals and ice. Hire an ice sculpture to erect centerpieces for your party while the party is in full swing. Use lighting to capture the full effect of winter's beauty along with rentals and props to transform your space into a winter wonderland.

8. Christmas Spirits Party: Invite your guests over before their night out on the town to raise a glass to the cocktail party that's all about the spirits of Christmas. Dine With 9 Catering's bartenders will marry a variety of spirits to create a cocktail hour that gets your guests off to an amazing evening. A few light appetizers like our variety of imported and domestic cheese with exquisite crudité station is all you'll need for the buffet.

9. Christmas Tree Trimming: Get help decorating your tree for the cost of a meal. Invite your family and friends over for a catered dinner with cocktails to boot. Ask them to bring an ornament for your tree with any specifications you require. Use this time to enjoy holiday music and catch up on juicy gossip, while decorating your Christmas tree.

10. Top of the Town Gala: The holidays give us a great excuse to dawn an evening gown and a top hat. Get your guests excited about a black-tie gala and dinner on the top of the town. We're talking about rolling out the red carpet with backdrops and photogs to capture the moment. We'll book a venue that will allow you to view the city lights and feel like you're on top of the world, dining on scrumptious cuisine with superior service at your beckon call.

11. Ten Pinz Holiday: There's nothing like team sports that you can play with a beer in one hand and a slice of gourmet pizza in the other. Dine With 9 Catering will provide our gourmet junk food station with items like lobster corndogs, Kobe Beef sliders and White Truffle Fries, while your guests bowl the night away. We'll take care of the venue and party favors for you.

12. Holiday Cooking Class: Hire a Dine With 9 Private Chef to teach your guests how to make a few holiday party favorite they'll get to call their own when they host their own party this season. We can help you locate a venue to host your party and arrange for the ingredients and class material. Don't worry we'll have cocktails on tap to keep the party festive!

13. Ugly Christmas Sweater Luncheon: Everybody's got one stored somewhere in the back of the closet. Tell them to pull them out and take the ugly up a few notches with some added glitter or bows, and then wear them to the holiday luncheon to be judged by all. Be sure to provide the appropriate gift: a gift certificate to a stylish department store.

14. Not So Silent Night: This party it best planned in the evening with lots of libations to gear your guests up for their turn on the mic, singing their favorite holiday jams with the help of a Karaoke machine.

15. Party on the Set: Who doesn't want their 15-minutes of fame? Plan your next holiday party on the set of your favorite locally taped TV show. You might not get to lie on the casting couch, but surely the studio will take your guests on a guided tour, while your dinner party is hosted in a designated area on the same studio lot. Be sure to provide a few party favors or goody-bags for guests to remember their experience.

16. Top Office Chef: Surely, somebody in your office is known for their killer cookie recipe. It's time to put them and all those other foodies to the test. Host a dessert cooking challenge for all your employees to enter. Display the desserts buffet style with just the name of the dessert and a number to later identify the chef. Allow staff/judges to try the desserts after a CATERED luncheon. Allow judges to vote on their favorite dessert. Tally the first, second and third place winner. Award them with prizes that encourage their inner-chef.

17. Secret Santa Gift Exchange: Gifts are the reason for the season. NOT! Set a spending limit, gather the names of all your guests, mix them up in a hat and let everyone draw a name. It's that simple. Exchange the gifts during your holiday party.

18. Scavenger Hunt: A great scavenger hunt includes great prizes. Bottles of top shelf spirits and award-winning wines work well for adults, while gift cards to popular stores work for all. Set the rules for the game. Make a list of items for the hunt and ask your guests to work individually or in teams to find the items that will generate enough points to win the prizes they desire most.

19. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner: This type of dinner is great for large corporations who want their employees to really get to know each other. It utilizes seating arrangements that compel people to sit at a table with people they wouldn't normally working with or know. Guests are encouraged to learn the names of the guests at their table and converse to learn more about them. After dinner and before dessert time, the host will provide a bio to each guest. Everyone is to read the bio and right the name of the guest who they think it belongs to. No cheating! After desserts the host will go by each table with an answer key. Those who scored all the right answer wins a prize.

20. Holiday Picnic Dinner: When the weather is right, plan to dine out at night. Let your guests pack their own picnic dinner and libations. All you have to do is pick a great location, maybe even the beach with a bonfire. Plan the table and chair rentals and hire the entertainment for the night so people can dance under the moonlight.

21. Service Project: Not everyone can make it out to the party during the holidays. In the spirit of giving, make time to give back to your community. Visit a shelter or hospital to celebrate the holidays with people who need to see your smiling face.

22. Nice & Naughty Party: This is a party for two! It works best after all the work is done. Our events team will help you plan out the intimate details like it's the night you pop the big question. You'll need a variety of aphrodisiac appetizers prepared by one of our private chefs along with a few libations and spicy holiday decor to set the mood. A horse drawn carriage awaits your beloved outside their workplace to deliver them to you. Once all the guests are under the same roof, simply dress to be undressed and let your taste buds explore the aromas and flavors of authentic cuisine from around the world. The night is yours.

23. Go Red for Women Party: Ladies, it's time to hit the mall and grab something for your self. Find a smoking hot red dress for the dinner party where men get to dance with the lady in red and celebration the American Heart Association. Keep the menu light, healthy and heart inspired. Put emphasis on a dazzling dance floor with rhythms that will keep the body moving and the blood pumping. Ask your guests to sponsor you in a sizable contribution to the American Heart Association.

24. Build a Snow Man luncheon: This party may cost a bit more than others, but once the truck dumps a ton of snow on your front lawn, every kids (young and old) will come running to play. Make sure your guests arrive early to enjoy a catered meal before playtime begins and Santa arrives on his motorized sleigh. Don't forget to take lots of photos of the snowman before it melts.

25. Polynesian Holiday Party: Tired of turkey and all the trimmings, celebrate with a menu that reminds you of the sun. Create your own holiday inspired leis for guests when they enter your home. Some Jimmy Buffet on the I-Tunes and maybe a little live luau entertainment will set the party off nice.

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